Shutter Speed?

Its a duration in which the lens will stay open to allow light the to enter.

Role of Shutter Speed?

Photography without the knowledge of Shutter Speed is like Birds without Wings.
If you know Where,How and What to do with Shutter Speed then you will always Rock the Instagram and Facebook because you can Take Abstract photos,Light trails,Silky Water,Low light photos and tons of other forms of photos with the help of Shutter Speed.

Fast Shutter Speed

How to Utilize "Shutter Speed"?

Lets say you saw a Supercar and you want to click a pic of it but the problem Is... Its already moving...And if you will try to click a pic of it with normal settings then most probably you will end up with a blurry photo.A this point ,The role of " Shutter Speed and ISO" comes. If you haven't check what is ISO? Then click here.

Steps to Click Faster Moving Subjects:- 

Identify the situation:-Whether its Day time or Night Time.

Day time(In between 1pm to 4pm):- 

1) Select minimum 'ISO'(In most phones its 100)
2) Select 'Shutter Speed'.
   a)If car is moving with slow speed then choose Shutter Speed of 1/30.
   b)If car is moving with moderate speed then choose Shutter Speed of 1/60 or 1/120.
   c)If car is moving with high speed the choose Shutter Speed of 1/500 or 1/1000.

Speed of subject and lighting conditions are the two main factors to click sharp and blur free photo And we will provide you all the situation for clicking a better photo.

Example Pictures:- 

Trust me Guys,The pics which I'm gonna show you are Clicked by my Pocophone f1.

Popping Water

Popping water

 Guys,here you won't get good clarity pictures because we have to compress Image for faster page loading. Trust me you will get very good pictures in real.

Remember,This can be implemented at all those places where subject is moving fast and YOU want to capture a FREEZE movement of IT.

I will share all the DIY steps to take this kind of Photo in another post.

Guys, I Have posted a very short post on this topic(Shutter Speed) because there's a lot to do with Shutter Speed and I will tell you everything about it in other post. So,if you are really interested in "Phone Photography" then come again and again and share as much as you can.

What about Slow " Shutter Speed"? Is it for "Night Time"?.....

I will cover this topic in other post. So Stay Tune.

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