Night mode vs Slow Shutter Speed!

In today's most of Smartphones,we all have preloaded 'Night Mode'.Basically it is used to take Bright Photos by Compromising with Image Quality.With that pic we can identify some amount of details but not like the day light photos.If we talk about Pixel phones Gcam or Pixel Camera then,they capture very good and Detailed Images at Night or Dark situations too.There is not a ROCKET SCIENCE to click Photos like Pixel phone by MI, Samsung,Vivo or Oppo phones at Night time.

Secret of Pixel Night Mode!

The MAGIC behind its camera is nothing but SHUTTER SPEED.Its a preloaded function in it by which it adjust the ISO based on Darkness and chooses a definite Shutter Speed(Around 4 second).It opens the shutter for 4 seconds and allows the light to enter the lens. In this way,lot of light enters the lens and hence the output image comes out to be BRIGHT and bit SHARP.There is another term also Responsible for Taking bright photos and That is "Aperture".If you Don't know about "Aperture" then Click here.

STEPS to Take even better photos then Pixel Night Mode!

1)Choose a STABLE place for your Smartphone(Tripod is preferred).
2)Select Minimum ISO possible, Mostly its 100 but in some Flagship phones its 50.( ISO is a important topic,If you don't know about it then click here)
3) Choose Shutter Speed for 16s and If you want even more BRIGHT photo then go for 32s.

Remember This!
1) Identify the light Availability.If you are having some source of light then you will have to lower the Shutter Speed accordingly.
2)DO NOT MOVE.This is really important if you want to take BLUR FREE PHOTO.
3)Always choose Lowest ISO possible " If you have a STABLE platform for smartphone".
Trust me guys you will get even more BRIGHT and SHARP images with this Trick.I have applied this Trick on my Pocophone F1 and Redmi Note 6 Pro.Results were Awesome.